April 1st fundraiser in Concho at local church to continue its goal to feed the community

Photo above of the Wing-Off  in October 2016, where over 400 came to eat wings of local restaurants brought in dollars to feed the hungry in Concho. On November 4th the Concho Kitchens United was opened where every Friday at 6:30 PM a free meal is served

How do you create a fund raiser for Concho Arizona’s community and make sure that the food needs of the hungry get met? You have an event similar to last October’s “Wing off” that had over 400 people show up, cook the best brisket of beef or pulled chicken, have a cash bar and music by ‘The Wild Ride” at the Catholic Hall Ball Room at the San Rafael Church for $10 in advance or $12 at the door, then watch the turn out.

To benefit the Concho Community Kitchen, or Concho Kitchens United, in Concho, Chris Brown, Cori Brown and Marie and Ray Rhodes of the Sugar Shack are about to hit it out of the White Mountains with the party of the season while creating a source to bring those cash donations where they belong: To feed those who need the assistance at no cost. This town is hot with volunteerism. It is on fire with home grown chili peppers and hands of healers who move forward with their eyes ready to accept the struggle that they see in front of them and their hearts filled with tireless joy to provide. The town of Concho in Apache County, Arizona, is the poorest county in Arizona. How is it that in such poverty there is so much generosity and fortitude to create venues to help others?

This team of Concho residents want to feed others. They have decided not to wait for the government to provide by filling out 501-c-3 applications for hundreds of dollars and wait while some were going hungry. The formula is simple; they ask, they think, they decide, then they work hard motivated by the faces that they see in their town that are in need. They meet and formulate how to problem solve one of the foremost needs of humans…how to get food when it is scarce to the hungry.

This second event, that will factor in an automatic raffle winning, should your ticket have the winning number, will provide a shuttle ride for a donation to Clothe-A-Child. For more on that call Ronda Sharp, well in advance, at 928-337-4665 ext. 211.

April 1 @t 5:00 PM, The Annual Community Fundraiser, 23 County Road 5041. Call Mr. Brown for details 928-337-4665 or stop in and see Mr. Brown and get a ticket in advance at the Concho Elementary School.  -Kareena Maxwell



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