The Concho Voice News on FB: sharing the voice of Concho

Features and in the style of the “New Journalism,” news, between Facebook and other social media, the information about the people who live in Concho, Arizona will be reported by this publisher, author and before anything else a humanist.
Concho, Arizona is a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona where the rocks get inside your sneakers and RV’s can be heard from the service road next to your house. The beauty reveals itself in the kindness of neighbors and the ruthlessness rears itself with few jobs and poverty. It’s those challenges in life that show us what’s important. It also depends on what each one of us wants. How we want to live, and what we want to surround ourselves with. Concho, Arizona is one of the last places to live where adobe homes with missing windows glare into the sun with ghosts from decades ago. It’s the ability to grow squash outside your door; it’s also the elevation of 6,300 feet into the clouds where the winds whisper the voices of Spanish sheep farmers from one-hundred years ago. As the world changes Concho moves slowly into development of a Dollar General Store, at the intercept of the “Y” and The Concho Kitchens United where on Friday evenings a free meal is available for anyone who needs it. A town with out a news source is a town whose voice is invisible. To be invisible in these united states is un American. This endeavor to focus and to report about life in Concho is hopefully the antidote to the invisibility of a small town. We have a school, post office, Jiffy mart, and families that live off the grid. The first picture below is a metal sculpture of a bird by local Concho artisan, David Burdick. The other pictures are of the natural land, and a home that belonged to a family that lived in Concho a long time ago. It is useful to have change and it is also an inevitable process to life, hence communities. As this world changes, we will bring you up to date about it and how it impacts this world of Concho in Arizona.

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