The Concho Voice

Concho, Arizona…January, 2017

Concho is a town in the White Mountains of Arizona. We have a population of about 285-900 (depending on what data is looked at) including seniors, middleage’s, children and infants. There is one school, a post office, three restaurants and a Jiffy Mart where gas is sold. There is a fabulous lake and kind people with a wonderful attitude of helping each other. Cows roam around by the lake. Children ride their bicycles freely. There are no traffic lights. This newsletter is the first of many to come to represent the people who live here. It is free of advertising unless you are a not-for-profit and we will publish your ads for free if we have space.

The Concho Voice is intended for truth in reporting and the voice of the Concho people. The Concho Voice is free. We don’t think it’s possible to have advertising and at the same time serve the public with truthful reporting. Our goal is to report the true stories and to embrace the thoughts and hearts of the locals and the residents of Concho, Arizona.

On February 2nd, we will be covering the situation at the “Y” where a Dollar General store is slated to open during the summer of 2017. We want to know what the voices sound like, what the faces show and finally, how the locals feel about this chain store becoming part of the landscape.

Thank you for reading The Concho Voice.

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